prevent insurance fraud

reduce COI processing time

eliminate coi forging by shady movers

reduce property damage

increase tenant confidence and level of service

Liability & Workers
Comp providers

We verify directly with an insurance provider, if moving company has active Liability and Workers Comp Policy. We connect Property Management directly to Liability and Workers Comp Providers, providing a secure ecosystem for moving service scheduling.

insured moving companies

Verified Moving Company generates a Sample COI request, which is securely transmitted to a Property Management of the tenant to be moved in/out. Sample COI is than transmitted directly from Property Management to Liability and Workers Comp provider, eliminating an ability to forge a COI

property managers

We transmit a Sample COI to insurance provider, effectively connecting Property Manager to Insurance Provider, eliminating ability of moving company to forge a COI. Once Liability and Workers Comp Provider generates a Valid COI, it is transmitted directly to Property Management for processing and approval. Only upon COI approval, moving company will be able to schedule a moving service for a specified customer.